Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome to the English Idioms Blog!

English Idioms is a worldwide phenomenon centered on Facebook. The brainchild of a Vietnamese English learner, I, Jeremiah Bourque, English tutor and writer (among other things), was asked to co-administer the page. English Idioms now has over 20,000 fans (well, people who "like" the page, since Facebook changed it from fans to what... likers? Is that a word?) and continues to grow daily.

The posts on this blog will be automatically redirected to English Idioms. Most posts will, obviously, have something to do with idioms! While the Facebook page allows anyone to post, this will be my "admin feed" as Jeremiah Bourque, so feel free to subscribe to the RSS to get "just" the official stuff. I must add that the contributors on English Idioms add a lot of flavor and character and their contributions are highly valued! 

Welcome one and all.

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  1. Thanks for having created such a nice and useful blog!!!