Monday, May 30, 2011

Coming To A Head

When things are "coming to a head," a confrontation or point of crisis is being reached, usually after a long period of build-up.

Example: "Canada Post's urban workers could go on strike late Thursday night if the Crown corporation declines to accept its latest offer, as seven months of heated negotiations between the two sides appears ready to come to a head."

That is, at the time this story was written, the two sides had not "sealed the deal" (reached an agreement successfully); rather, a strike has been called, and Canada's postal workers were set to go on strike within days.


  1. Is it ok to say "I've got too many things on my head right now"?

  2. No, but there are better ways to say this.
    "I have too many things on the go."
    "There's too many things bouncing around in my head."
    "I have too much on my plate."

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