Monday, August 16, 2010

Review: Animal Idioms

John was always an eager beaver whenever he bought a new tool. First, he would be a busy bee around the house, repairing or renovating everything in sight. Then, he would put his tools away in his overcrowded garage. John was a packrat who never threw a single tool away, leaving his garage very crowded.

Reginald was a fat cat who had made hundreds of millions during the real estate boom. However, his best known project, an expensive hotel, was criticized as a white elephant that consumed a great deal of money while delivering very little in return.

Carol believed at one time that her husband was being faithful, but she smelled a rat when he was arriving "late from work" one too many times. Carol's friend Sandra let the cat out of the bag by telling Carol that her husband had indeed been unfaithful; he had been sleeping with Sandra! This revelation opened a can of worms by causing a great deal of friction between the one-time friends.

Veronica enjoys pigging out at the local fast food restaurant. Often, she can be seen wolfing down a hamburger during her lunch break. Peter, an acquaintance, asked Veronica's friend Kathy if Veronica would ever eat in a more dignified and ladylike manner. Kathy replied, "Yeah, when pigs fly!"

Donald was speaking with his grandmother over the phone. She was having difficulty speaking clearly. Donald asked, "Are you all right? You sound like you have a frog in your throat. You should be careful. People have been dropping like flies with the flu this year. If you don't feel well, you need to see a doctor."

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